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Cidolfus, Legend of the Ash Man - Limited Run

Cidolfus, Legend of the Ash Man - Limited Run

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The origin of the dreaded Court of Tragedy's elemental monstrosity Cidolfus, and how the Ash Man came to be a plague upon the world. Those responsible for spawning it and perhaps even the lost secrets of its purpose for raging across Vlonraen.

That fateful story as well as a sneak peak into my future project Grimshaw will be included.

This 12-page full color mini comic comes in US standard comic size (6.7"x10.2") with a phenomenal cover, along with silk interior pages. 

This is intended to tell a fantastic tale from Vlonraen's past with a more tome like feel in contrast to its sleek exterior. Finally, each book will be numbered to reflect its limited first run status.

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