Update #4

Update #4

It's been a long while with no small hurdles overcome in the process of getting from there to here my friends.

That said I will keep this update short and sweet as I can. 

Cidolfus is complete and the campaign is live, first and foremost. I would have personally liked to launch sooner but I wanted there to be no hold ups on my end. Which always seems to be the case in one form or another. Every book is a lesson learned and confirmation that it's a good move to make sure my book is print ready ahead of time. Planning pays off and the supporters suffer not one bit, even if I do. Now all that's left is the printing and running out that clock.

Also concerning my main book, slated for a 2023 release. We are 20 inked pages in, a third of the way there. During the process of putting together Cidolfus I found a great colorist. You can see their work in the main book previews with in Cidolfus. That I plan on having jump on board in full come the half way point on inked pages.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

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